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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?


If you are searching for an efficient and reliable garage for car tyre repair Farnborough, ALS Tyres is your perfect destination.

We inspect damaged tyres and verify if they meet the legal requisites to ensure your safety. However, if the tyres fail to do so, we will suggest installing a new one instead.

Further, cost-effective DIY methods are not the most effective and dependable solution for your vehicle. Using appropriate tools and experience is instrumental for a safe tyre repair job. Availing tyre repair Farnborough from an expert car workshop as ours is thus an ideal choice.

When should you avail of tyre repair Farnborough?

Apart from obvious punctures etc. it is not always possible to go for frequent tyre checks, but there are some tell-tale signs which can hint at possible tyre damage. These are:

    • Difficulty in handling: Damaged tyres fail to facilitate optimal surface contact. This diminishes the handling efficiency of the tyre. Reduced precision and odd vibrations are also signs of sustained tyre damage.
    • Rim damage: Prolonged usage of damaged tyres can result in wheel rim damage and can cause your vehicle to pull to either side. If you feel you are having difficulty in maintaining a straight line motion, it is safe to start your search for “tyre repair near me” immediately.

When does your car tyre qualify for repairs?

Most tyres can easily be repaired by our experts. But in some cases, we can’t. It is unsafe and detrimental to repair all tyres irrespective of their condition. To ensure on-road safety, our experts strictly abide by the following legal requirements before performing repair services.

    • Tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm.
    • Sidewalls must not have any damage.
    • Puncture damages measuring more than 6mm are unfit for repairs.
    • Exposed chords indicate a weakened carcass. If your vehicle’s tyre has any exposed chord, we would suggest purchasing a new one.
    • No major cracks.

Unfortunately, Run-flat tyres cannot be repaired as their structural integrity changes after a puncture.

Causes of tyre damage

    • Rough driving conditions
    • Aggressive and frequent braking
    • Faulty wheel alignment
    • Wrong tyre fitment, etc.

Why are we an efficient tyre repairing garage Farnborough?

Our technicians have access to the latest technology. Materials, and machinery required for exceptional tyre repairs Farnborough. We use either of the following methods depending on the extent of the damage:

    • Plugging
    • Patching
    • Plug and patch

Visit ALS Tyres

Our facility is located at 20 Farnborough Road, Farnborough, GU14 6AY. Drop by for quick and affordable tyre repairs Farnborough. You can also give us a call on 01252547575 to know more.

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