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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


ALS Tyres is a professional garage which provides comprehensive and affordable winter checks for your vehicle. You can thus cease your searches with us if you have been looking for “winter car service Farnborough”.

What checks do we offer?

ALS Tyres follows a comprehensive checklist for winter servicing. It includes:

  • Tyres: Our experts will first inspect your four wheeler’s tyres and check if they are fit to be used in the winter season. The most common parameter is a tread depth of 1.6mm, which is considered the legal minimum in the UK.
    • Antifreeze and coolant: A majority of car breakdowns is due to a malfunctioning cooling system. Our technicians will note the coolant level and will fill it up if required. This is to prevent the water inside the radiator from freezing up and causing damage to engine hoses and pipes.
    • Wipers and windscreen: Our experts are well-tuned with the requisites of winter checks and are skilled to carry out the checks meticulously and with absolute accuracy. They will carefully check the windscreen wipers, and if they find any damage, they will replace them with your permission.
    • Electronics: Electronics play an integral part in the functioning of an automotive which is why we lay equal importance on these parts of a vehicle. Especially in the cold and snowy nights of the UK, it is of paramount importance to have functional headlights, indicators, brake lights, fog lights, etc.
    • Battery: Colder temperatures are putting an enormous strain on your vehicle’s battery. Imagine a cold winter morning. You are already late for work but the car doesn’t start or your car just stops in the middle of a crossing. To avoid such unpleasant and potentially dangerous situations, a winter check Farnborough is instrumental as it also covers a stringent battery inspection.

For more details on this and our other services, you can visit our website, come directly to us or call us on 01252547575. We are happy to help!

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